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Useful Books and Resources

Turner Syndrome - Across the Life Span

Turner Syndrome Across the Lifespan

This book is written for girls and women with Turner Syndrome and their families and covers issues related to medical and psychosocial health.

Topics discussed include genetics, growth, puberty, infertility and advanced reproductive technology, bone health, diabetes, hearing, school and learning issues, among others. Updated health surveillance issues are outlined. The chapters are interspersed with comments and stories written by girls and women with Turner Syndrome. This book serves as a comprehensive guide for those wanting to learn more about Turner Syndrome.

I highly recommend this book for everyone with Turners and also for parents and teenagers as it has very good practical advice.
It covers all aspects of life with Turners in a very user friendly way.

A Canadian publication this 240-page book, edited by Jill Hamilton (MD, FRCPC), and Irena Hozjan (RN, BScN, MN) is a comprehensive and up to date overview of Turner Syndrome. If you wish to order a copy please order direct using the Canadian Society's ordering form.

We do have copies that can be borrowed. Just contact either info@turnersyndrome.co.nz for information.

The Quest for Charlie Owen

The Quest for Charlie Owen… My Infertility Journey through Poems
By Karen Montanaro

This is a very personal account of a Yorkshire girl who was told at a very early age that she couldn't have children. Her coping strategy was to bury her emotions, but when she went to Paris in her mid twenties, she not only discovered a new life and culture, but, most importantly, she discovered her true self and so began the healing journey...

Available through: Amazon.com

Other Resources

Turner - Know your body

Turner - Know your body

This book is edited by Danish Endocrinologist Claus H. Gravholt, and is available to view and print for free.

Turner Syndrome Health checklist

Turner Syndrome Health checklist

Paediatric and Adult Health checklist for the Management of Turner Syndrome, developed by the Turner Syndrome Support Society (UK) and Ipsen.

Turner Syndrome publications

Turner Syndrome Publications & Information

TSSS (UK) Publications and information page, this page provides access to free information booklets and factsheets and the TSSS book Turner Syndrome- Lifelong Guidance and Support can also be ordered via this link.

TSSS education booklet

Education Booklet - a guide for parents & teachers

Published by the TSSS (UK) as an aid to both parents and teachers of girls with Turner syndrome.