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Turner Conference in AdelaideAdelaide-conference

Mum and I got up and were on the road at 3am to make our 8am flight. We made it to the airport and were off to Adelaide, Australia. We landed in to 27 degree sunshine; it was hot. At the airport we met my brothers girlfriend’s parents. We went to their house, dropped off our things, and were off again for a walk along the beach.

We got up early in the morning and we were off. We arrived at the Hotel where the conference was being held. We got our name tags and we went upstairs. The kids were in one room, that was me and the parents, and conference was in the other room across the hall. The kids were doing arts and crafts e.g. badge making and screen printing bags. The adults had many speakers who spoke for approx 45min each, we found them interesting and we learnt heaps and there were lots of things that we learnt that we never thought were involved with having Turners.

The conference fi nished at 5:30pm for the day and then the fun started. We all had dinner, the kids as they watched DVD’s. The DJ started and we had almost everyone up dancing until 11pm. The DJ had to fi nish because the music was too loud, much to all our disapproval because we were all having fun.

Conference started as usual the next day and we arrived at the hotel and we had discussion groups. The adults were talking about what they had learnt over the weekend and gained different experiences. The teenagers were talking about helpful things that could go into the TSST (Turner Support Sharing Together) newsletter, and we talked about what it is like being a teenager with TS.

The conference ended with a big lunch, and a talk from family members and girls/ladies about their experiences with TS in their lives. We then said our goodbyes, and the conference fi nished at 1pm. I had a great time and made a friend in Perth so I will be saving my money and am looking forward to the next conference in Perth in 2010.

After the conference Mum and I had the chance to go to:

  • Granite Island in Victor harbour where we saw a horse pulling a tram and a little penguin and some amazing views.
  • The Barossa Valley where we visited 7 wineries.
  • The Murray River where we saw some amazing house boats, and also Dundee’s wild life park where we fed birds, kangaroos and emu’s.
  • The top of Mt Lofty where we were almost blown off because the wind was so strong. Then we went to the Mt Lofty Wildlife Park where we fed kangaroos and saw our fi rst real live snake outside of a glass box.

It was a wonderful holiday and we learnt heaps and I am looking forward to 2010.

Denise and Julie Van Dam