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'Good News Stories' 2010 Camp


Caitlin Mcaulay, Rodney

I saw this and thought would be a lot of fun to do.

I liked a lot about camp but the thing I liked the most was meeting people the same as me and getting to make friends who are like me and who accept you for who you are.

I learnt a lot more about turners syndrome and ways to deal with some of the hard things we have to go through and I learnt that you can do anything even if you are different .

The best thing we did was the activities at Merc because they were a lot of fun and they boosted my confidence.

The challenge for me was some of the activities but I did them all with help from my friends.

Since camp I have noticed that I am a lot more confident and I have a go at things.

I will come back next year because it's a lot of fun and I learn more each time and I have made lifelong friends who I will keep forever.

I can't wait for next year's camp!

Olivia Bovey, Christchurch

My name is Olivia Bovey; I am 15 & have Turner Syndrome. I would like to tell you about my first turner camp experience.

I loved camp so much, it was my first time attending and meeting lots of other girls with turners was soo cool. It made me feel like a part of a team with many friends going through the same things I do. I was expecting camp to be a lot of fun but it was so much more than that. It was fun and filled with lots of love and support.

I was able to gain another mum too who I grew to love very much. Her name is Julie Karsten, because I didn't have my real mum with me Julie was there when I needed someone she was the best!! Thanks Julie I will always think of you as my second mum!!!

I made many friends who I stay in touch with on facebook and talk to every time I am online. Some of my favourite things were the rock climbing, and the kayaking, but my number one favourite thing was when we got our hair & make up done,
it was so nice to see how beautiful I am on the inside and outside.

Yes I do have Turner Syndrome but it has helped me to see that you can do anything you want to no matter what & I am always told that I am a very happy bubbly girl.

Thank you to everyone for starting this camp for all us girls with Turner Syndrome and for showing us a great time.


Ashleigh Maaka, North Shore

I had an awesome time at camp.

My favorite activity was the rock climbing because I got to do it blindfolded.

I enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with some of the other turner’s girls.

I think that next time the activities could be more challenging.

Hannah Gerrard, Wanaka

I liked meeting all the other girls and being able to relax and be myself and have a really good time!

I learnt that there are others out there the same as you who can support you.

I have definitely noticed a change in myself and I think my family has too.

I feel better about having Turner Syndrome because now I know there are others out there who the same as me are and who are experiencing the same things.

I am coming on the 2011 Camp because I enjoyed this year’s one so much, made heaps of great friends and had loads of fun.