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A Letter from Alyssa

Hello Turners Girls
Hope you are all had a great holiday. I know I did!
Thanks to Koru Care Charitable Trust.
They took me to the Gold Coast Australia!
I had so much fun to tell you how much fun I had I wrote this poem:

Australia land of sun and sea,
Koalas grey as clouds,
Softer than a cushion,
Kangaroos as alive as a 5 year old on M & M’s,
As sweet as candy.

Dolphins diving more graceful than a ballerina in a spotlight,
Caregivers more giving than a 2 year old
And as kind as a friend with,
Their smiles brighter than the sun,
Making sure we are all happy and safe,
Enjoying every minute of the trip.

By Alyssa (Tauranga)
July 2008