Turner Syndrome Association of New Zealand Incorporated

Providing support to people affected by Turner Syndrome and their families in New Zealand

About the Turner Syndrome Support Group

TSSG is a volunteer group of ladies with Turners and parents wanting to support women and families affected with Turner Syndrome.

Whether you are the parent of a newly diagnosed daughter with TS, a teenager or adult woman with TS, or pregnant with an in-utero diagnosis that the child you are carrying has TS - sometimes all you may need is to hear a friendly voice or to have the listening ear of someone who understands what living day to day with TS is like.

You may just want information about TS, or have specific questions. This is the service that we aim to provide and if we cannot instantly provide an answer, we will certainly know someone who can.

You may just want contact with another parent or adult with TS.

By becoming a member, the TSSG can put you in touch with someone as close to where you live as possible or at least provide telephone or written contact via our contact network.

We are a not-for-profit support group and rely on membership to enable us to continue to offer services and help others.
Founded in 1989, Turner Syndrome Association of New Zealand Incorporated (previously known as "Turner's Syndrome Support Group (NZ) Incorporated") is a Registered Society #595311 - incorporated in 1993 and also a registered New Zealand Charity #CC46754 as of July 11, 2011.

As of February 2011 we have established 2 branches:

  1. Main Branch will maintain the existing facilities and address a more adult interest
  2. Youth and Camp Branch will organise the annual youth camp and liase with families

Aims of the Turner Syndrome Support Group

To provide support to people affected by Turner Syndrome & their families throughout New Zealand through:

  1. Information e.g. telephone advice, pamphlets, newsletters, meetings
  2. To encourage and support members by way of social events and social interaction.
  3. To provide resources, e.g. books, pamphlets, DVD, website for education to members and others interested
  4. Promoting awareness of this condition to families, the public and promote the involvement of health professionals


Individual $20, Family $30 per annum, enables you full access website & Facebook page, assistance with any any matter relating to Turner Syndrome and access to our board members, education and medical updates (when available), discounted pricing to all TS events, gatherings & Conferences, access to TSSG (NZ) member only events, and youth service initiatives including youth camps, TS ladies, youth and family information sessions and access to regional support networks and events.


We have quarterly meetings in February, May, August and November held between Auckland and Hamilton


We have produced quarterly newsletters but at the moment we are without funding and will trial a news page on the website to keep members informed


Girls Youth Camp – annually in January

Parent contacts

We offer telephone contact for new and existing parents as the need arises. And can put parents in touch with other parents in their area or with similar issues


Books, DVD, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Personal stories, Website