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Personal Stories of Living with Turner Syndrome

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Articles and Stories About girls with Turner Syndrome

Personal Stories

Journey to Motherhood

Conference in Perth
Diane's story.

Journey to Motherhood

Journey to Motherhood
Emma's story of becoming a mum.

Girls Camp 2010

Girls Camp 2010
4 Stories from 2010 Camp

Personal Turner Girl Story

Personal Story
from one of our girls

Starting a new School

Starting a new School
meeting the challenges of a fresh start

Parent Support
Help for parents of daughters with Turner Syndrome

Kasey's Otoplasty

Kasey’s Otoplasty
Kasey’s brave story of heart surgery, ear problems and cosmetic ear surgery and the decisions her parents had to make at the different times of her life.

Glue Ear

Glue Ear
Story of Kasey's endless ear problems

Life with Turners and Coeliac
Paula’s story as a 17 year old

Marina’s story
Living with Coeliac Disease and low thyroid function

Getting a drivers license can be a challenge!

The benefits of looking after ourselves

Southern Support
Jacqui’s story a mothers perspective

Girls Camp 2009
Lots of fun & photos

Taupo Iron Kids
A mother’s story of a proud day

DisneyLand 2008
Karisha’s, Bryony's & Claudia’s stories

African adventures
One of Kates many stories of her adventures and her last as Kate died November 2009, she is sadly missed

Conference in Adelaide
Denise’s story of going to conference as a teenager

Weetbix Tryathlon
Victoria’s story of Karisha, Denise and Victoria having a go

Gold Coast - 2008
Alyssa’s story