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Exercise and Turner Syndrome

Why Exercise???

  • Psychological - turners girls are often lacking in confidence and therefore and gaining skills through sports is a great way to ensure this if developed
  • Social - group sports are a way of the girls getting involved as they often are over looked in other situations
  • Physiological - weight challenges many Turners ladies; this can be modulated through good physical activity. Blood lipid levels and blood pressure have been shown to be higher in some TS women; this could also be controlled through exercise
  • Mental - concentration and retention of information has been shown to be increased with exercise
  • Bone Density - osteoporosis occurs due to hormone imbalances of Turners Syndrome, weight bearing activity can reduce this

So you now are refreshed about the benefits of exercise so how do you it???

Firstly make sure you have no contraindications (reason why not to) to exercise. The main reason for turners a lady not to exercise is a heart condition this should by your endocrinologist every 3-5 years if no current problems.

Recommendations for Physical Activity:

  • Minimum of 30 mins daily of exercise most days of the week that uses main muscle groups e.g. running, biking or soccer at an intensity to gets you slightly puffed but so you can still talk
  • Exercising with a friend or a group is nice way to motivate each other
  • Include stretching and strengthening (for adults) to your balanced programme
  • Have a goal (e.g. to participate in a “real women triathlon” or to achieve a certain grade by the end of the season)
  • For your body to reap the benefits you need to progress your fitness by either changing the speed or intensity. You should be aiming to get fit enough to cope with 60 mins of exercise
  • Your health is important so make sure you make it a priority in your life