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Providing support to people affected by Turner Syndrome and their families in New Zealand

Girls Camp 2009

What did the girls like best about camp?

  • Denise: I liked meeting new girls with Turner Syndrome and doing the different activities.
  • Fleur: Kayaking and making new friends.
  • Ella: I liked being part of a team and doing the activities and meeting everyone.
  • Victoria: Abseiling, meeting new girls, and talking to someone going through the
    same sort of thing.
  • Karisha: I liked the group stuff, talking to the others and the night where we sat
    around and “talked” about Turner Syndrome things.
  • Aleisha: I liked meeting other girls the same as me, the night we had
    our chat about TS and abseiling.
  • Ashleigh: Meeting other girls and abseiling.
  • Brenwyn: I liked making new friends, it’s good to know there are others
    out there who are the same. It really helped to have the talk night.
  • Bryony: Everything, I liked talking to other Turner girls.
  • Simone: Just hanging out with the girls and being a real part of the
    team instead of feeling left out.
  • Liz: Activities.
  • Paula: Finding out about other girls with Turner
    Syndrome and the encouragement that I got
    from the other girls, I felt a part of it.
  • Claudia: The food, the lollies,
    having a swim tonight.
  • Alana: Abseiling, being with other girls
    with TS and having “ jab parties”.
  • Casey: Meeting other girls with TS.
  • Monique: Kayaking, abseiling and
    being with other TS girls.
  • Caitlin: I loved the kayaking
    and everything else about camp.